Kongres Komunikacyjny Cebula 2020

Welcome to our schedule sneak peek!

We prepared a list of exciting talks, so you can get a feel for our conference. Please keep in mind that this is not our full schedule. We will follow up with the full schedule in time, stay tuned!

“Bazel is the worst build system, except for all the others”
q3k; Talk

Bazel (also known as Blaze) is a build system developed by Google internally for Quite A Long Time, and released upon the world as open source software in 2015. This talk will try to convince you that while Bazel isn't perfect, and there probably could be better build systems, it's still the best thing we have right now.

We will start off with some handwave'y problem descriptions, see how they are (mis)handled by other build systems, see how Bazel solves them, and try to figure out if there's a better way. There will be comparisons with GNU Make, CMake, Nix, Meson and others.

All people with basic software engineering background can benefit from this talk. Having cursed at Make or CMake is a bonus.

“Hacker Jeopardy”
q3k; Other

What is a real hacker?

Join us at this exciting, totally not improvised hacker-flavoured rendition of the classic Jeopardy! format. Show us how much you know about everything from operating system startup sounds to PowerPC assembly. Just remember to phrase your answer in the form of a question!

“Hacking Credit Cards system to have 0 interest credit with no end date to pay it off”
ksiadz; Talk

As a finance nerd, I can give a short talk about how some can use credit cards to have interest free cash which may also include some useful basic tips for those who want to build credit scores.

*It may result in breaking T&A sheet with your bank/financial provider which may result in an account being closed if you overdo it.

q3k; Lightning Talk

I will not teach you how2fpga in 5 minutes. I wouldn't even be able to teach you in 4 hours. But I'll give you all the links and information you need to get started, right now, even without hardware.

Digital logic is cool. Be cool. Do FPGAs.

“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nix”
allgreed; Talk

[ PL xor EN, haven't decided yet] "Nix is a powerful package manager for Linux and other Unix systems that makes package management reliable and reproducible." - or so the webpage says. And hell, is it powerful!

I'd like to show you why the whole ecosystem may be worth embracing. Novice perspective, pragmatic approach, monads not included.

“Jak sobie radzić ze zdalnymi członkami”
ksiadz; Talk

Jako doskonały przykład czasem zbyt emocjonalnego i przywiązanego do spejsu członka co poszedł w anty-pattern (The Spooky Action at a Distance Anti-Pattern) krótkie wprowadzenie do problemu zdalnych członków na realnym kazusie członka co odwala maniane po czym dyskusja jak różne spejsy sobie z tym radzą.

“[PL] Game Boy Cartridge Hacking”
Emeryth; Talk

How to build your own Game Boy flashcart to run homebrew.

“[PL] Open Source Smart Watch”
Emeryth; Talk

Talk about the current state of open source in smart watches and smart bands.
I will share my experiences with reverse engineering a Chinese smart watch and writing my own firmware for it.