Kongres Komunikacyjny Cebula 2020

Bazel is the worst build system, except for all the others
2021-10-02, 16:50–17:35, Main

Bazel (also known as Blaze) is a build system developed by Google internally for Quite A Long Time, and released upon the world as open source software in 2015. This talk will try to convince you that while Bazel isn't perfect, and there probably could be better build systems, it's still the best thing we have right now.

We will start off with some handwave'y problem descriptions, see how they are (mis)handled by other build systems, see how Bazel solves them, and try to figure out if there's a better way. There will be comparisons with GNU Make, CMake, Nix, Meson and others.

All people with basic software engineering background can benefit from this talk. Having cursed at Make or CMake is a bonus.